Patient Testimonials


At Choice Orthodontics, our goal is to help you achieve the straighter, more confident smile you've always wanted while providing you with a great experience along the way. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the best care at every turn. With offices in both St. Joseph and Gallatin, MO and Atchison and Hiawatha, KS, we are able to care for patients from many different communities. To find out what some of our patients are saying about their time with our talented orthodontist and staff, continue below. And please leave your own review today by clicking "Write a review" at the top of the page.

Before starting my orthodontic journey, I had consults at all 4 orthodontic offices in town. I ultimately chose to start my orthodontic journey with Dr. Windhorst. She was the only orthodontist that took the time to address my concerns and listen to what I wanted. I wanted to be treated with Invisalign. All the other offices tried to tell me why Invisalign wouldn't work and wanted to sell me braces. Dr. Noyce was the worst. He kept telling me why Damon braces were so great, but he wasn't listening to what I wanted. I felt like a number in his office. But at Dr. Windhorst's office, she didn't do that. She told me Invisalign would be able to fix all my concerns I had about my teeth. Come to find out, all the other orthodontist in town advertise that they offer Invisalign, but then instead try to convince you to do braces once you get in their office. Why? Because they don't know how to use the appliance. If you want to be treated with Invisalign, don't waste your time going to all the other offices in town. Just go straight to the expert...Dr. Windhorst. She is absolutely amazing and you will not be disappointed. My teeth look amazing and I am so happy I chose to see her! – Madison C.

"Just the best experience here. No question about it, Dr. Windhorst is an expert in her field. If you're interested in getting treated with Invisalign, notice that she's a Platinum Provider which basically means no other provider in the area comes close to her experience with this orthodontic tool. And trust me, that experience makes a difference. The old saying "It's the painter, not the paintbrush" comes to mind. I was previously told by another provider that I wasn't a candidate for Invisalign treatment. Well, maybe not by them but Dr. Windhorst had no concern doing Invisalign for me and I couldn't be happier with the results. Love my new smile. Thank you, Choice Orthodontics!" –Drew Winn

"Choice Orthodontics has a wonderful and friendly staff that has provided excellent care to our family!" – Heather Hummel

"Dr. Windhorst, Maggie and Debbie are all amazing. They are very patient and take time to answer all of our questions. If Erica has any sort of problem with her braces, they always squeeze her in the same day. They are wonderful, and it has been a great experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Windhorst and her whole team." – D. Fleck

"These ladies are great and go above and beyond for you! They worked with our insurances and even got money back for us! They are great with the teenagers!! Recommend them to anyone needing an orthodontist." – Jennifer Kerns

"Dr. Windhorst and the whole staff are always friendly and caring. Office is clean. My daughter loves going, and her plan was right on target with what we were told before we started her treatment plan. No hidden cost; what they tell you upfront is what you pay. I highly recommend Choice Orthodontics for your braces and retainer needs." – Charis Flowers

"Dr. Windhorst is a pleasure to work with. The process went a lot smoother due to the professionalism of her service as well as her staff's service." – Deb Mahoney

"The whole staff at Choice Orthodontics is wonderful at explaining everything to you, especially what is going on with my daughter’s treatment. I appreciate that." – Shannon Delray

"Great doctor, great staff! Easy to work with! Love ‘em! Even better is to be complete with treatment ahead of schedule!" – Tricia Sherlock-Dunham

"It is obvious that their office is cleaned regularly and that they truly care about their patients." – Patricia Denny

"Kynnedi has just begun her orthodontics, and I must say that after having my older two daughters receive braces elsewhere, I am already extremely happy with Dr. Windhorst and her help!! We felt very welcomed and felt thoroughly informed of Kynnedi's treatment options and the cost. We are so thankful for them being so personable with us at each visit. You are not a "number," but a patient with a name!! My youngest son will be receiving his orthodontic treatment here as well!!" – Tiffany Knudson

"I am beyond impressed with Dr. Windhorst and her staff. I was scheduled to be in my braces for 15 months, and I finished within 8 months! These ladies actually care about their patients, and I would recommend anybody to them. Thank you ladies for making this last 8 months enjoyable instead of miserable. :)" – Angela Sizemore

"Being new to the area, we were stressing out finding a new, innovative orthodontist. We were so pleased to find Dr. Windhorst at Choice Orthodontics. Her office was professional in appearance, and her staff was excellent. I'm looking forward to a great orthodontist in Dr. Windhorst. Thanks for giving my daughter a great smile at an excellent price!" – Jason Tindol

"The staff are wonderful and caring. If you have any problems, they are addressed promptly and courteously. My children deal with allergic reactions and sensitivities. The ladies at Choice were wonderful working with both of my oldest children. Thank you!" – Gina Carlton

"Choice Orthodontics’ doctor and staff are wonderful. They are so caring and kind. My daughter only had her braces on for 14 months. Her teeth look wonderful. Highly recommend them!!!!!" – Latrenda Snider

"I love Choice Orthodontics! My braces went on in June and were off a year later. My teeth look absolutely wonderful... everyone here is the best." – Jason North

"Wonderful people, excellent care. Highly recommend." – Marla Jones

"I have been extremely happy and satisfied with the overall care provided by those at Choice Orthodontics!!" – Mariann Hannigan

"Great place! All the employees are great and friendly! I'm in Invisalign and am thrilled with the results! Almost done!" – Carol Beckett

"Love, love, LOVE this place! Dr. Windhorst is amazing. She is so kind and caring. At our first visit, she sat down and talked with my dad and I about everything that was going to happen during my treatment. She did a great job answering all my questions. I'm almost finished with my braces, and my teeth look beautiful. I can't stop smiling, and it's all thanks to Dr. Windhorst and her staff at Choice Orthodontics. You are crazy to go anywhere else!" – Kim Applegate

"Choice Orthodontics has done a great job working to straighten my teeth so I will have a nice smile when I grow up." – River Conz

"I would highly recommend Choice Orthodontics! The staff is always very helpful and kind. With having two visits for adjustments, I am already noticing a huge difference in my teeth. I've had nothing but good experiences with Choice Orthodontics and would recommend it to anyone." – Faith Vandel

"Every time I go in, I love the friendly atmosphere. Everyone remembers your name, and they don't just fix your teeth, they build relationships with you. My teeth have drastically changed in the 13 months I have had braces. It's amazing!" – Hayley Butler

"I love Choice Orthodontics! My braces went on in June 2013 and off August 2014, and my teeth look great! Everyone is so nice, and Dr. Windhorst is always so upbeat and friendly! Highly recommend to anyone needing an orthodontist office!" – Murphy Howe

"This practice is awesome!!! I brought my oldest son here with a severe underbite, and they corrected it easily with rubber bands – proof that they work! I was so happy with the results that even though I now live in Kansas City, I chose to bring my younger son here for treatment. Dr. Windhorst and the staff are amazing – friendly, professional, knowledgeable and supportive. And, I have never seen a group of women get along so well and work together for so long. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for quality orthodontic treatment for their children. They are truly the best." – Laurie McGuire

"We met with the doctor and explained what cosmetically was bothering our daughter initially. Then she proceeded to tell us what needed to be corrected from a medical standpoint. She gave us three options, each taking into account our daughter's concern. We picked the plan that was the best for our daughter. Her office has convenient payment options after an initial payment. Her staff was absolutely awesome with Katelyn each and every time we were there! They spoke to the parents upon completion and let them know exactly what was going on. Her office is kid-friendly with a movie seating area and game room for the kids. I would highly recommend her for all your orthodontic needs." – Jennifer B.

"Dr. Windhorst has the friendliest staff around!" – David Levine

"My family reviewed a few orthodontists before discovering Dr. Windhorst. I'm thankful we did. My children love to go to her kid-friendly office where they can play video games or watch TV while waiting (they typically don't like that they don't have long to wait). Dr. Windhorst has built in a level of technology as well that really fits into a busy person's lifestyle. I get e-mail reminders of appointments and can check my account online. You even check-in via computer. Office runs like a well-oiled machine, and it shows!" – Tracey C.

"She took care of my daughter and was wonderful. My daughter was nervous, and everyone made her feel comfortable through the whole process. She has now been released, and her teeth are beautiful!!" –Kimberly S.

"I love how nice everyone is at Dr. Windhorst's office. Abbie's teeth look amazing already, and it's only been four months! Clearly the best orthodontist in town!!!" – Jessica Frogge

"This place is amazing. Everyone is so nice! They can make you laugh. Dr. Windhorst is just a great orthodontist! If you're looking for an orthodontist, this is the place to go. I would like to thank you guys for giving me a beautiful smile!" – Jessica Grider

"Awesome group of gals!" – Abby Knadler

"Best place in town!" – McKayla Beattie

"Dr. Windhorst is so nice and super knowledgeable." – Lisa Lynch

"I absolutely love everyone here! So friendly; I'm kind of sad not to see them as much when I get my braces off! Not to mention, my teeth look great, and they are the best at what they do! LOVE Dr. Windhorst!" – Carolanne Miljavic

"I recommend Choice Orthodontics to anyone looking for a great smile! They are always polite! I just got my braces off today, and I am SUPER happy with how great my teeth look!" – Lauren Hill

"We love Dr. Windhorst and Choice Orthodontics. They take such great care of Emma!" – Margaret Baker

"I am Hayley Butler's mom. The whole staff is so nice and explains everything that is going on with my daughter's treatment. I love the transformation her teeth have made. It's amazing! I highly recommend this orthodontist [Dr. Windhorst] for anyone needing one." – Jackie Butler

"I love coming into the office because everyone is so nice and friendly! I can't believe my teeth have changed so much in a little amount of time. It's nice how they tell me what they are doing and how it's going to work." – Hayley Butler

"My 9-year-old is always made to feel comfortable and appreciated. Dr. Windhorst always speaks to both of us making my daughter feel part of decisions." – Joyce Brewka

"We love Choice and definitely recommend them! We're only halfway through our first phase, and I feel like they already know us so well! Love all the friendly ladies that work there. They are always interested in what you have going on outside of the office as well. They take their time with us, and we never feel rushed." – Holly Bodenhausen

"We have been more than pleased with Choice Orthodontics for Gavyn Salsbury. His teeth have moved more than I could have ever imagined in such a short amount of time. We are so glad that we chose you for Gavyn!" – Serena Salsbury

"We love Choice and definitely recommend them! Were only halfway through our first phase, and I feel like they already know us so well." – Tristan Gringich

"They do great work. The entire staff is so friendly, and they are always very considerate of our needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone." – Olivia Winters