Phase I and II Orthodontic Treatment

When a patient has an advanced orthodontic problem that requires early attention and treatment, Dr. Lauren Windhorst may decide to put the patient through both Phase I and II Treatment. This orthodontic approach breaks up treatment into two separate stages, addressing issues early on so future bite correction and alignment is made easier when the patient is older and permanent teeth have fully emerged.

Although Phase I and II orthodontic treatment is not necessary for all of our young Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas patients, it can be very beneficial to those Dr. Windhorst sees fit for this kind of treatment.

Phase I Orthodontic Treatment

Phase I treatment begins when the patient still has some baby teeth. This treatment generally takes 6-12 months and is helpful in guiding the eruption of permanent teeth and correcting some bad bites that would be difficult to fix at an older age. Orthodontic appliances, such as retainers or partial braces, might be used to correct current problems or to help guide dental growth and development.

Phase II Orthodontic Treatment

Once Phase I is complete – and all permanent teeth have erupted – it is usually necessary to continue with Phase II treatment in order to finish improving the bite and aligning the teeth. This phase of orthodontic treatment consists of “normal” orthodontic care, which places braces on upper and lower adult teeth. Treatment time with Phase II is usually less than it would have been had the patient not undergone Phase I treatment.

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