Here at Choice Orthodontics, Dr. Lauren Windhorst and her highly trained staff are always up to date with the latest developments in orthodontic technology. Our state of the art facilities allow us to deliver premium dental care while keeping our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Find out about some of our featured dental technologies below!

Digital X-rays

Our patients’ health and safety is a top priority for us at Choice Orthodontics, which is why we switched from traditional X-rays to digital radiography. Safer for the patient and more environmentally friendly, digital radiographs reduce radiation exposure by ninety percent. Digital X-rays can be enhanced on the computer and enlarged for detail, allowing us to see your teeth more clearly and provide more comprehensive dental care.

Digital Photography

While written records and X-rays are useful, our staff feels that it is important to keep a visual record of each patient’s treatment process. We employ high-resolution digital photography to maintain a record of how our patients react to certain treatments and how their oral health develops over time. This practice allows us to keep more efficient records and keep a constant eye on our patients’ dental health.


At Choice Orthodontics, we know that a healthy mouth is a clean mouth, and we feel the same way about our facilities. Our staff employs steam heat as well as dry heat sterilizers, and complies with all CDC and ADA standards for instrument sterilization. We package each instrument in a sterile environment and it remains sealed until it is time to use it. Each member of our staff is committed to cleanliness and adhering to protocols for patient safety, so that your experience can be comfortable and risk free. Contact us at Choice Orthodontics to find out more or schedule an appointment!