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From traditional orthodontic treatments like metal braces and ceramic braces to more modern appliances like Invisalign, SureSmile, and AcceleDent, our skilled orthodontist and her team of trained professionals offer exceptional, compassionate care to children, teens, and adults at every turn.

With two convenient locations in St. Joseph, MO and Gallatin, MO, our practice is proud to be the trusted hometown orthodontist of many different communities across Northwest Missouri, including Savannah, Maryville, and Cameron. No matter where you’re from, our orthodontic office can provide you with the right treatment to reach the beautiful, more confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Learn more about the types of braces we offer, Invisalign, SureSmile, and other oral and dental topics by checking out our latest blog posts. Or, contact the team at Choice Orthodontics today. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about getting started with an orthodontist!

How to Prevent Tooth Decay
At Choice Orthodontics, we work hard to provide high-quality orthodontic care to families across Saint Joseph, Gallatin, Savannah, Cameron, and other Northwest Missouri communities. Dr. Windhorst and her highly-trained staff want to make every patient feel at home in our offices.
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Orthodontic Headgear
Sometimes braces alone aren't enough to move teeth into a better position, or correct a problematic bite or misaligned jaw growth. In those situations, your trusted St. Joseph and Gallatin orthodontist may recommend the use of special appliances, such as orthodontic headgear. Orthodontic headgear is worn partly outside the mouth and applies just enough force to move the teeth properly and guide the growth of the face and jaws.
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Thumb Sucking & Tongue Thrusting
Thumb and finger sucking habits are a perfectly natural way for babies and toddlers to soothe themselves. However, as a child grows there comes a point when this comforting habit can cause more harm than good. While it is completely natural for children to engage in thumb sucking during the first few years of life, prolonging the habit could cause social awkwardness and damage to the jaw’s growth pattern.
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Sleep Apnea
Most people don’t associate teeth with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). However, a 2012 study revealed that many children who are diagnosed with ADD don’t really have the condition. Rather, their behavioral problems are actually due to sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD), such as sleep apnea.
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Pregnancy & Your Child’s Developing Teeth
At Choice Orthodontics, it’s our mission to offer efficient and effective services that help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. As part of this commitment, we’re always happy to share information on how you and your family can maintain great dental and oral health. For example, for all those soon-to-be parents out there, did you know that there are steps you can take during pregnancy to ensure your child develops healthy teeth?
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